Flaps and Upper Forward Fuselage

Jon and I got a lot done today. We finished up routing the brake lines. We fixed a couple pop rivets that I screwed up (last post). We installed the flap actuation system. We installed the Forward Upper Fuselage. We pulled several cables from the tail cone forward.

Soon it will be time to remove it from the rotisserie so we can start on some firewall things that are currently unreachable. The rotisserie makes working on the airplane so much easier.

Total time: 12 hours (Jon 7, Me 5).

This is the flap actuation system. The motor is surprisingly small. The orange cable supplies power to the baggage compartment light.
The upper forward fuselage is the structure that holds the canopy and the instrument panel. It is riveted to the firewall and to both sides of the fuselage. It also has a center bracket that connects it to the tunnel. In this picture you can see the can of paint I used to hold one of the NACA air vents in place while the ProSeal dries.

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